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I am an Assistant Professor of Statistics and Political Science at UCLA.  My recent research focuses on creating new methods–including both theoretical approaches and new estimation strategies–for identifying and validating causal effects.  I also study survey design methodologies, including a new survey sampling method that reduces reliance on post hoc weighting methods and alleviates non-response bias, and an automated raking methodology that selects the optimal auxiliary vector on which to weight.

In 2012, I ran the polling operation for Obama for America’s Analytics department, which very accurately predicted election outcomes in the campaign’s battleground states.  I also co-founded a successful analytics and technology start-up, BlueLabs, focused on providing analytics services to clients in politics, issues advocacy, healthcare, and education.

I hold a PhD in Political Science and a MA in Statistics from UC Berkeley.  I also completed a Post Doctoral Research Fellowship with at Princeton University.

If you can’t find me around the office, chances are I’m climbing some rocks somewhere.